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The Fintech industry is still young, and it is growing every day as it attempts to modernize a highly traditional industry. Fintech growth is being driven by a combination of legacy firms investing in their own internal application development and startups attempting to disrupt the industry.

We have substantial experience and expertise when it comes to creating advanced analytics solutions for the Fintech industry. Our solutions have improved the insight, transparency, and operational efficiency of the industry.


The Telecom industry is quickly transforming into a Cloud-based, always-connected, data-first playing field. The core infrastructure of the industry continues to evolve. Consumers are demanding more and more data. And 5G technology is about to roll out and create massive new opportunities through data-driven smart cities and IoT networks.

We have developed full-service portals for Telecom companies. These portals connect Telecom companies with their dealers, and provide their dealers best-in-class tools and analytics to run their wireless business.


The Shipping industry is rapidly digitizing. New technologies like blockchain, IoT, and data analytics are giving Shipping companies the ability to track their ships and cargo, and to optimize the granular details of the operations to improve efficiency, visibility, and profits.

We have designed, built, and supported maritime ERP platforms that give Shipping companies the ability to track their operations in real-time, streamline their business processes and operations, and complete accurate and timely billing.

Retail & Ecommerce

The Retail & eCommerce industries are being disrupted from the ground up. Consumer expectations continue to grow, startups are creating new solutions that target long-standing industry problems, and Retail & eCommerce companies are learning how to collect and drive profit-driving insights from the tremendous amount of data flowing through their touchpoints

We have experience helping Retail & eCommerce companies streamline their supply chains and develop meaningful analytics platforms, while maintaining the privacy and security of the high-risk consumer data they collect.

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You need to improve your system performance, and optimize the systems that run your business’ day-to-day operations. You need to modernize your infrastructure and applications, to bring scalable next-generation capabilities to your company. You need to deploy cutting-edge technology to expand your market share, seize new revenue opportunities, and unlock your growth potential.

At TenUp, we don’t make fluffy promises. We develop powerful, efficient, cost-effective technology solutions that drive the hard-line performance metrics that matter most to our clients.


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Streaming and Real time processing

You have a question that data can answer. You can’t wait until the end of the month, week, or even day to pull a standard report. You need to be able to continuously collect, query, and analyse your company’s performance data in real-time. We provide a flexible, customized line of services that bring real-time analytics to your company. We can provide complex event processing, real-time streaming analytics, and many more critical big data functions.

Application Modernization

Yesterday’s applications can’t solve today’s business problems. To keep up with today’s rapidly-evolving business environment, you need to upgrade your existing platforms, or migrate to entirely new technologies— all without losing a second of critical system functionality. We can manage every step of your modernization, from evaluating your current systems, to designing their upgrades, to developing, testing, and implementing your new infrastructure.

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